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27.01.18 - 11:55
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so much fun to create a living artwork on old building! ... good for drawing training, perfect to feed imagination .
















are you digitally drawing over an image or is this a real timelapse??


This is totally composited. No light changes and you wouldn't go up and down the lift just to take a photo of every single step.


Wow, that's awesome!




@ashlorusso ... but it's a real drawing realised with a timelapse process ;) ... the idea is to prepare project and simulate it on the target wall. and the most important is to liberate imagination without thinking about constraints. So you're right but for now, my goal is just to virtualy play with urban volume. :) . thanks .


@chrishonninger yes, it's a digital simulation . I envisage to draw like this on different building of my town .


@dzoolivier Ahaha I love it nontheless! ^_^


@ashlorusso thanks . and I like your comment. Most people only know the words "amazing" or "awesome". I prefer constructive remarks that move forward. To amplify the illusion, the idea of ​​an evolutive light is good advice.


@dzoolivier So now I must ask, how long have you been compositing? After Effects? You have many talents ^_^


I love how you continued those dark stains (at the top of the building) down into the rest of the wall.


Very interesting idea


@ashlorusso ... i used to work with after effect there is several years ago but this one is quite more easy. i discovered the Procreate app there is only 2 weeks > you can draw on any support and record a clean movie. So photoshop to work on the photo, procreate to record the drawing process anf Flow app to accelerate the movie . Really easy .


@dzoolivier Nice! Thank you :)




@dzoolivier would be insane!


Masterpiece sir Olivier


You are so untouchable




But how do you create a stencil for the real life one? 😥
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