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Media by Joker Transcend · BeTSbY1l69r · Likes: 344 · Posted: 2018-01-23T19:04
Media by Joker Transcend · BeTSblglp3C · Likes: 344 · Posted: 2018-01-23T19:04

▼ Honolulu, Hawaii

23.01.18 - 19:04
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Joker Transcend

I was excited to come across some large works by fellow Transcend artists @keepdrafting and @mr_jago - their pieces are big, beautiful, and impressive in person. When in Honolulu be sure to have a look for yourself...








Thank you, brother @jinscoe. Im baffled its still running.


@keepdrafting @jinscoe 👊


Those walls are monsters! 🙌




Darn it! Where? I was there... and missed it. So typical... missing er’thing. As always... good eyes, Inscoe!


@kyletalbott not sure of the neighborhood but there were a lot of murals all around. I tried to use the @powwowhawaii website on my phone for information about where certain artists murals were located but it’s not optimized for phone use. If you go back to Honolulu be sure to check their website first for artists locations, mark the cross streets down of the murals you want to see, and you’ll be golden.


Hope you and R have a super fun time experiencing the beauty that is HI !


🤛🏻@jinscoe ! I think I will stick to smaller walls from now on . That one nearly killed me .


TY Jer-ski


Miss you at the Nords Jerr
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