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Media by craww · BeGmJnBH35V · Likes: 1154 · Posted: 2018-01-18T20:46
18.01.18 - 20:46
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I’m really excited to be featured in the upcoming Sketching from the Imagination book, alongside some wonderful artists all with a Dark Art vibe. I have a selection of work from the past few years featured and talk a little about my process. So thats a lot of nonsense then. You can pre-order the book at









Congrats. Ur work is spectacular


Wow! I need this!


Congratulations! You deserve it 🎉 I love these books.


This series is one of the best. So keen :O


@circlefruit thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing my copy 👍🏻


@kneenar the books look great!


@lullabylounge thank you 🙏🏻


@kiradub 👍🏻


What an absolutely marvellous creation


Artists and creatives need to support each other during the instagram apocalypse: aggressively comment and like 🤞🏻☝🏻 to support your favourite artists


@fi.iv wise words! Cheers 🍻


Wwwooow love it
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