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Media by Isaac Cordal · BeGHE4igJnA · Likes: 988 · Posted: 2018-01-18T16:15
18.01.18 - 16:15
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Isaac Cordal

One of my sculptures installed during @thcrstlshp festival has been stolen from one of my favorite locations in Ostend. I don’t think there was a better place for it 😡😡😡. Stop people stealing art from the streets. It’s for everyone ...







It is sad. And yet, it’s a kind of “cultural anthropophagy”, your art becomes victim of the same social mass behavior it delates... :(


Dumb people...






@isaaccordal I feel your pain. So low to steal art from the community 🤬




@wallkandy exactly! Cheers!


So sorry. People lol. 😡😡




Best one so far


like it




fui yo @isaaccordal


@eversiempre siempre!


@etranglemoi pt1 c'est vraiment médiocre de voler l'Art comme ça


@laucsy_ @lucie_louette @cha26_08_13 bah qui voilà!


Hola, como estas. Me gusta cómo tu arte es muy bueno y creativo que los otros artistas. ¿Cómo puedes dibujar este arte creativo y perfecto en esta era?
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