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Media by craww · BeDuoCWniSv · Likes: 1901 · Posted: 2018-01-17T18:03
17.01.18 - 18:03
❤ 1901


Working on a few paintings at the moment, trying to keep things fresh. Today was the turn of this one. First pass, apart from the other first passes that weren’t working. Kind of a 2nd or 3rd first pass.








Do you start with an acrylic wash to layout your plan or do you do everything in oils? Either way looks fantastic!


@wandering_fox_studio Thanks! I go straight in with the oils, i find it easier to push them around. The first layers are thinned out a lot with liquin so it dries in a few hrs.


@craww do you have a website or have you ever done a timelapse video? I think it would be so mesmerizing to watch the process. 😀


This painting is absolutely stunning. Well done!


@lauramerikay thanks 🙏🏻


Wow, amazing piece.


Love this one 🖤🖤🖤




Please, the people need a time lapse video so bad; gorgeous as always


@icecvstle maybe one day, I’ll look into it 😉


Damn. I really really love this.


@craww thank you haha


Wonderful ❤️


That SO happens!


Man I love how you just keep evolving, been so many years since I first saw your work and it still blows me away.


@joannamariamarianakisbelec thanks!


@monique_paints every time 😂


@jonmdc Thanks dude. i know! So many years, it must be nearly 10 since IWYS. And here we still are, with the 💀 ✊🏻


@jenxartxtattoos cheers Jen 🍻


@craww haha I found a couple of copies I kept stashed away of IWYS. Can’t actually believe Ryan was nice enough to include my awful drawing!


Amazing work👍🏾 I really like the gesture of the female figure.
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