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17.01.18 - 16:02
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lapse ... I really prefer paper but I’ve to admit that working on a pad is quite interesting . Perfect for training and discovering new path.














once you get into digital....


Fantastic !


I was waiting for you to try this medium... all I can say is damn man you’re amazing! Great skills ⚡️


What app are you using 🙂


@halucynation procreate ! really fun .


Oh wow this is amazing! I love the..dark head thingys?


@dzoolivier thanks🙏🏽


Awesome, love shading on the stones.


Hi @dzoolivier , I'm one of your fan. Your works are so inspiring, may I know how long you create this illustration ?


@adit_yudha 2 hours


Man.. your works awesome.. did u used different brushes or just pencil?


@crackoart pencil and ink brush for the japan style .:)


Insane skill
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