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Media by #ELMAC · Be9OE6SjWsA · Likes: 7739 · Posted: 2018-02-09T01:54

▼ Heroica Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

09.02.18 - 01:54
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I painted this back in 1998 when I was a teenager just learning how to use acrylics. The town depicted is Nogales, a small community on the border between Sonora and Arizona. I’ve always been interested in, and have had affection for, the border region between the US and Mexico. For all its complicated history of both union and division, cooperation and conflict, I think love has prevailed overall while hatred has usually been imported or projected there from distant sources. ... “The border is an exciting opportunity to create a culture of understanding between two nations. It is the meeting ground, not just between the United States and Mexico, but between the United States and all of Latin America. We have a great opportunity to either foster understanding, interchange and culture --or to condemn each other to suspicion, violence, even murder, xenophobia and genocide... After the history of the 20th century--which is one of the most brutal, violent centuries on human record--to resurrect the ghost of xenophobia, racism, hatred of the other, is exposing oneself once more to the worst crimes of our age. One would have thought these lessons had been learned.” -Carlos Fuentes, 1997 ...






(Fun fact: Charles Mingus was born in Nogales)






Que foda mano


Maestro street art


Que grande, pronto @mac_arte y su obra se va a enseñar en las escuelas


That is 🔥🔥


" learning " thing looks photo realistic! 😂


Super dope!




I love everything about this.






@murrria 😍


@mattmulka wow! It’s a painting?! 😍


@han_amelia yes. Frantasic no?


Very impressive painting! Nogales is quite the town.


And so is the border.


Nogales/Sonora 🇲🇽 Rancho El Coyotio


Its very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!




@lalalovengk I can't say I miss it as much lol. But I did love hiking all the different mountains!


@hazelcolleen 👀


@veectorvector so goooooood


dam you were good already


That painting looks like a pic




Excelente maestro




I was born in Nogales too!


@same.asiteverwas My thought exactly. Thought it was a photo.




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