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Media by fergus_mcfudge · Be5WvAhFdJi · Likes: 116 · Posted: 2018-02-07T13:53
07.02.18 - 13:53
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Had the privilege of being interviewed for the first issue of @fabricquarterly. Great new magazine showcasing Western Australian design and creatives. Being such an isolated city I think it’s very important to support local architects, artists, designers and makers and get over our ridiculous notion that someone not being from Perth is somehow an indication of quality and desirability. I think this is slowly changing particularly with both the treasury building project and the new Perth stadium showcasing lots of great WA talent. If we don’t embrace local creative culture we end up with a global monoculture.




Nice concrete.


Your like published !! Congrats. Great post too. Ps. We didn't get the museum. No local love.


Great post @fudge_works great work too!👍
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