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Media by Alex Yanes · BdtQ_nun-Da · Likes: 634 · Posted: 2018-01-09T00:41
09.01.18 - 00:41
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Alex Yanes

Can’t wait to add my touch to the new shop truck. Collaboration with my brothers @hardkorechoprodz coming soon!






🦎Time to Miami’fy 🌴


@niteritual yup! Keeping it classic


Oh man, can’t wait for this


Hell yes


@keywestpottery hopefully driving it your way soon!


Gangster lol




@blackbookgallery better than hipster lol 🤦🏻‍♀️


@grizzlyprintparlour 🐻


Nice! 🙌🏻


@alvaro_naddeo thx. Your work is great!


Damn homie!


@erikjonesart I see one in your future


Seen u rollingThrough my hood the other day in that bad boy


@bellasaquaticgardens your buddy monster grass has a sick truck! Saw it my buddies shop


@bellasaquaticgardens your buddy monster grass has a sick truck! Saw it my buddies shop


@alexyanes Thank you very much! I’m a big fan of yours 👍🏻


C10s are so dope


@juliustorres yeah man, it’s like driving a time machine


very nice truck
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