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Media by SAINER · BddVwTcliwT · Likes: 14455 · Posted: 2018-01-02T20:14
02.01.18 - 20:14
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"Blindness" pencils on paper 70x50cm. Drawing from Chaotic Harmony show, still on view at @galerieopenspace Paris, till 20th January. In the same time I want to thanks for the support in 2017 and wish you all best for 2018! ✌️



Top 👆 @sainer_etam


Beautiful 😍


your style is just out of this world!




@ayalaarad 🐞






top esse post! se quiser aumentar seus rendimentos me chame no direct!!


Incredible skill level and design but the message or whatever is derivative. Its so easy and not in the least bit controversial to attack the Christian faith. If you wanted to be controversial or really engage people then use the Quran. That is a legitimately controversial image.


Ouch 👌




@albertovillaart yes righteous or not the Lord loves all believers or non and blind faith is not equivalent to being blind


@persephonelewis so true and still art of this caliber generates conversation and moves us nonetheless


@s.m.f._18 Thanks for the interaction. The Bible use the word blindness in reference to physical and spiritual blindness. Physical blindness many times is a metaphor and/or actual illustration of spiritual blindness. Acts 9, Matthew 23:16


@albertovillaart I do not believe this art work is referring to blind faith. It is a disparaging remark about Bible believers and their inability to see the world how it actually is. If I did not believe the artist intent was negative toward believers, I would say YES!!! Those who have closed Bibles are blind therefore open it and read it that you may see.


great work love it !! ✨


@persephonelewis bravo! It is to easy to attack Christians knowing that their Scriptures say to love their enemies, to do good to those who persecute them and to turn the other cheek. If he had any true courage, do this image with the Quran.




with the skills!


@albertovillaart I think the same every time I see stuff like this, I see it in photography too...not challenging at all...
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