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Media by Jeremy Geddes · BdJVpfbFdnq · Likes: 4536 · Posted: 2017-12-26T01:49
26.12.17 - 01:49
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Jeremy Geddes

A tattoo of White Cosmonaut by the always amazing @_brucius_








@jodie._.girl I need dis. On my arm.


@nt.limoges stop messin’ ‘round pi demande lui de te post


@jeremyispainting Thank you kindly. I’m admire your work! Tattoo on @llewellur.




Hey, It’s my arm! 😊


@kattiegram Ahahaha!! Nice 👌🏻


@llewellur dude I almost tagged you because it looked exactly like your arm!




@_brucius_ pleasure!


@llewellur haha! Love it!


@llewellur it sure is! :D


@aarontattooist obviously


@_brucius_ might not be obvious to people who don’t know of him. Credit needed where credit is due. Also solid work on your part! 👌


@aarontattooist I posted this! :) it’s on my page, so I didn’t seethe need to credit myself :)


@jeremyispainting ahh gotcha! Didn’t catch that.


@aarontattooist ! I always give credit to the artist. Me and my client actually asked for permission from him! LOL all good glad to see that you’re on top of things good for you! Be well merry Christmas


@_brucius_ totally wasn’t saying you weren’t. I just didn’t see it anywhere on this post. No worries man, Totally didn’t mean any offense








@diego_gon tssssss


@krashuan No es rival


@emiliano_biffi @margre


My god.Thats sooooo good for my eyes i may weep the ceman






@jeremyispainting @appinkitalia


Hmmm the style of his tattooing is cool, just not with this particular @jeremyispainting piece. It doesn't do the original justice imho.
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