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Media by SAINER · BdAKVBulr6u · Likes: 11600 · Posted: 2017-12-22T12:16
22.12.17 - 12:16
❤ 11600


"Girl with the poppy flowers" Another painting from my last show Chaotic Harmony. 160x140cm acrylics and spraypaint on linen.




Jeden z moiich ulubionych wuja










@camila__santacruz es igual a tiiiiii


This is frustratingly good 😵


@paularivadeneiraal QUE DENSO JAJA de ley


Check out my art style called wordism!


Ugh lovin all your pieces. <3


Dope dope!


Please show more of your work!


Love it


I love this so much!




Insane !




I am in love with this




Would LOVE to get a hold of a print of this!
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