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Media by Zcäpe Hec · Bd2N-cxhZ4- · Likes: 3252 · Posted: 2018-01-12T12:07
12.01.18 - 12:07
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Zcäpe Hec

SmallWorld03 What about this one ? Not really proud of it...

















What? Not proud? This is awesome... great color contrast and shading...💎💎💎💎🙏🏿🖌🖼


Awesome! 😀


Love it


Looks a bit like the first one. This one seems to be like a swap world, love the idea, but maybe the road takes away from that effect. Ive been very intrigued on this creative idea. Would love to see a lava world, a candy world, or maybe a mechanical world even. You’re an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see where you take this. @zcape_hec


dat croc 😍




Me encanta.


Life in the country. The dirty south 😆


I love it bro!!!!


@detroy_hardchange yeah




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