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Media by Carne Griffiths · Bcr5DNGHw7Y · Likes: 888 · Posted: 2017-12-14T15:21

▼ Norlington Road Studios

14.12.17 - 15:21
❤ 888

Carne Griffiths

I've written a number on the back of this print, tag three people in the comments, you think would like it. If your comment is the same as the number on the back from this list you can choose who gets if the number on the back is 3 then comment number 3 gets to choose :) clue.. it's not three:)



@jessiwue @delmemuddi @alltagskrieger


@vivietoto @bastien.bobek.thomas @mr_flow75 For me too ! Et c’est moi qui choisirai bb!!!


Oops! 🤦‍♀️ @happydasy @fgrbrg @lucascsantosbjj


Beautiful work 👌🏼@Sparklingocean234 @hannahelizabethphilpot @jbd_art18


@yanni_2603 @mini_and_mighty @mant_scribbles


@dewrance @charisnatalie @thads_mr


@woozels @lb1ake @jb1ake


@jessicasugden @jb1ake @natalicomley


@loulou45 @chay_chay_0 @mckinnonvictoria


@kirstygracesimms @ryan.converge_uk @marianewnham




@kate_manktelow @ryan.converge_uk @marianewnham


@connor_snow10 @samuelharvey15 @cheybopp I want to spam comment to increase odds. But I'll refrain lol


@cheybopp @samuelharvey15


I think you’ll all love Carne’s work 👌🏻 @funkostickers @jessicazoobart @the_girl_with_the_green_sofa


@andyhanne @daphnevanmourik @jpjustacard Your work is amazing Carnegriff


7 @raygro222 @blacksheepartsemma @gillian_t13 . I would love this


5 @gillian_t13 @gillian_t13 @gillian_t13 I really want this 😍


@_yaz_.x @xjxss.owenx @potter.carol


@nicola_emily1403 @awadej @e_j.ham


@leander_wyss @merhavel @lilianegabriiela




@brianmacalister @louienaughton @trutrustories gorgeous Carne :)


@bruschettapanda @chiluvx2 @soggin_noggin


@laurajayneedwards @flangeattack @edarcherthinks


@edarcherthinks oh hang on that’s not right.... and @bob_cooper_artist


Absolutely stunning!!! Thanks @nigelcheney !


Like your work f4f @kieransmithfineart


Love this ! And thank you @fairytalevonbridget for tagging 😚 now I tag @leave_th1s_space_blank @heartsinajar_ @dlolynnart


@sampagepuppy @codelol @macabrerabbit
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