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Media by Hans Walør // VALØR · BcYap8iFaNj · Likes: 870 · Posted: 2017-12-07T01:49

▼ Venice, California

07.12.17 - 01:49
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Hans Walør // VALØR

.:. "Flexus Infinitum" study for larger piece 12" x 14.5" acrylic, oil, and silver leaf on birch . SOLD .:. Looking for a nice public wall to do a mural of this if anyone has a look! .:. Inspirations: The current state of environmental, political, educational, social issues we are facing // light being born from darkness // Nature's endless cycle of creation & destruction // life & death // remembrance // crisis precipitating change 🌊🌎 .:. You can view this original painting @thebirdsnestgallery in Aspen, Colorado unitil January 2018 .:.




You are fantastic.


Whaaaaaaat I’m in love with this piece


Very nice brotha 👌🏼


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Yesssss!!!!! 💙💚💙💚


Ohhhh wooow 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


You are my absolute favourite artist!! So talented!


@hvalor THIS one is NEXT level


@risingappalachia .:. Thanks y'all - Miss ya! Maybe see you in January - LA? "Come to Life"..


Oh my. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful man.


Yessssssssss 🐍


@mountainash what a compliment


@krystleetri // 🙏🏽 see ya this weekend possibly!


@immarachel .:. Thanks for the love!


@moewulf Pisces




Woowwwwwww. Can I buy a print of this?!


Magnifique beautiful. ....spirituel. ..😍😍😍😍


The infinite loop... love it brother.


@jake_thelady .:. Not quite yet. Possibly first part of 2018. This is just a study


if you are ever back on colorado, my warehouse has a bunch of big white walls that would love some art! 🔸🖤🔸 we are in the art district surrounded by tons of street art. it would be a great fita


@ashes_and_metal_ :: are the walls outside or inside?


@hvalor two long/horizontal spaces on the roofline that are visible from the street


Love your works, your style, the colors😍Thank you for what you do! 💙




Need! Are you still in Denver, love? I’m back from Costa Rica!


@seedsofremembrance // I'm in Cali, but I'll be back in Denver on the 20th. This piece is actually at Skye's gallery in Aspen at the moment.




@seedsofremembrance // working on the final now. That was just. Study ;) stay tuned


Definitely gonna follow @elena_lildawson
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