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Media by James Jean · BcX_Jk7lPXq · Likes: 9232 · Posted: 2017-12-06T21:49
06.12.17 - 21:49
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James Jean





I already need it! 😻


Wish I could go 😭


You're always an inspiration, James!




Stunning!! I love the motion in your line.




Gotta show this one too Niko. She loves nyan-nyan.


Yayayayaya this is awesome


That feeling of “Get started” breh.




If you don't mind, what's your process for going from drawing to transferring to medium, ie canvas wall et al?


The creativity is just blowing my mind


😍 wow amazing!


I was also wondering the process of transferring from sketch to enlarged canvas. Charcoal transfer? Grid? Freehand?




Thanks for sharing your process, James. Your aesthetic is a great example for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of line and composition ❤️


I’m in love with the cat - in an awkward hold but resigned to find the most comfortable sleep through pose.


Will be there in April!!


So cute !!!


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