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Media by Evoca1 · Bc0CUzDnvGO · Likes: 273 · Posted: 2017-12-17T19:16
17.12.17 - 19:16
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I painted this image from a photo I took of a homeless man in miami back in 2011. Still relevant today and after a number of request this past year, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be releasing a limited run of these shirts this week.



Size S


You know where to find me




Put me down for a 2X as long as you ship.


Id like a 2x also if shipping is possible






Keep me posted please. Lg..


In 2013 that shirt went with to over 8 countries in Asia. Amazing art, photo and shirt!




Do you ship to Finland?


Need one


Amazing where can I️ order a few?


Amazing where can I️ order a few?


Yes @pastorcbu


Yes will be shipping @brent.parsons


Via my site @felixbendersky, will keep you posted


@evoca1 can't wait to snag one .


@evoca1 perfect


Size XL, you know where to find me
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