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Media by Kikyz1313 · Bc-Te3PnolN · Likes: 845 · Posted: 2017-12-21T18:58
21.12.17 - 18:58
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Trying to do a mental recap of the year and Oh Boy! It surely has been a rough year not only for art but for all of us in every aspect, feeling like we are in the threshold of chaos and ultimate decay and have no doubt that strange times are approaching. We need to start clinging into the things that keep us human and mentally bright. Let’s cling to the art, to music, to literature and to avant-garde way of thinking. I’m determined more than ever to strange you all with baby faces and severed figures haha. Anyway thank you so much for all the support you always give towards my work, it really pushes me to keep insisting and improving myself, hope to hear from you on the next year as well 🙂. Wishing you happy holidays to all. ✌🏻



No lo has podido decir mejor! Brindo por mas baby faces and severed figures✨


You INSPIRE!! 🖤🖤🖤


Your work is so captivating & thought provoking. I absolutely love it!




Amazing work!!!


I love you!


You are amazing!!✨


you should tag #photooftheday !


Happy holidays Kikyz!


@andimacka jajaja gracias Andy!!


@pammyw222 oh Pamela! Thank you so much!! You are the best!!! 😘


@jeremyhush thank you Jeremy!hope you guys have very happy holidays and some free time to chill as well 🙂 sending lots of hugs to you guys!!


@bluewater97201 thank you so much!!! Hope you have very happy holidays as well! 🥂


@kikyz1313 one of my favorite artists/thinkers around!


Really great artwork !


You're my muse. Thank you so much for existing. I also agree quite a bit with what you wrote, 2017 killed my art motivation. Art is so needed during this time though. I hope my 2018 is more productive also, and I hope yours is amazing and productive as well.


Te amo Kikyz :D




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