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Media by Jana Brike · BbcGnmbnFHH · Likes: 4774 · Posted: 2017-11-13T15:40
13.11.17 - 15:40
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Jana Brike

My exhibition in William Baczek Fine Arts gallery in Northhampton opens this week. @wbfinearts I titled it 'ebbs and flows of heartblood' as all 10 new paintings evolved around water element and strong intimate emotions. This is one of the smallest paintings in the series. Please contact the gallery directly for all infos and inquiries, or go visit if you are near! Some of the new paintings will be further exhibited in Pulse Miami this Dec. So happy and excited for this new set of work!!







Congratulations! You painting is beautiful!


So beautiful! Congratulation!




Always so impressive how much you create!! Wish I had the time




Niceeee, what did u use in this painting :)))?


Great painting!


@pandafirofa essa artista Γ© mt legal, queria fazer algo do tipo


@juliarzanella VOU SEGUIR


@noblerover this is how you seemed by the pond at obj
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