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Media by saberawr · BbVi12rnlSy · Likes: 884 · Posted: 2017-11-11T02:32
11.11.17 - 02:32
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This is something you will never see again. 7/11 and many major corporations going grey to pay respects to the cremation of the king...... 7/11 half serves the community here. You can actually buy food unlike 7/11 back home in America that only servers vices, garbage and cancer.





Adventures in Bangkok


Word up @saberawr. I live in BKK. Go to 7-11 almost daily. The actual day of the cremation, all 7-11's were closed. It was a trip. King Rama 9 was a very beloved man. Peace




Sick Post πŸ€™βœ¨




Same in Japan too






It's exactly the same way here in japan


711s seem cooler abroad.


Toasties are the bomb


I remember stop and go




@saberawr I think you are coming back a changed artist. Ask about my favorite Thailand piece of art...or YouTube it, the band β€œJohnny’s Guitar” 60s psychedelic, traditional, James Bond, music. I can’t tell you what tracks to listen to.. I can’t read Thai!


What sells in a country is a reflection of what the society is like.




7-11 was the lol when I️ lived in Chang mi got all the munchies


ham and cheese - warm up please


So true. 711 in japan is the best.




7/11 has stranglehold on Asia


In shanghai stocked wit food too


Where da musubi's at?


In Indonesia too, all store was close because cant get the sales


711 rules in japan


Have fun brotha


Rip serch uti


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