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Media by Saber ArtWorkRebel..... · BbVi12rnlSy · Likes: 885 · Posted: 2017-11-11T02:32
11.11.17 - 02:32
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Saber ArtWorkRebel.....

This is something you will never see again. 7/11 and many major corporations going grey to pay respects to the cremation of the king...... 7/11 half serves the community here. You can actually buy food unlike 7/11 back home in America that only servers vices, garbage and cancer.





Adventures in Bangkok


Word up @saberawr. I live in BKK. Go to 7-11 almost daily. The actual day of the cremation, all 7-11's were closed. It was a trip. King Rama 9 was a very beloved man. Peace




Sick Post πŸ€™βœ¨




Same in Japan too






It's exactly the same way here in japan


711s seem cooler abroad.


Toasties are the bomb


I remember stop and go




@saberawr I think you are coming back a changed artist. Ask about my favorite Thailand piece of art...or YouTube it, the band β€œJohnny’s Guitar” 60s psychedelic, traditional, James Bond, music. I can’t tell you what tracks to listen to.. I can’t read Thai!


What sells in a country is a reflection of what the society is like.




7-11 was the lol when I️ lived in Chang mi got all the munchies


ham and cheese - warm up please


So true. 711 in japan is the best.


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