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Media by Jeremy Geddes · Bam08XoFuGP · Likes: 931 · Posted: 2017-10-24T00:06
24.10.17 - 00:06
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Jeremy Geddes

The Imperator release is over, thankyou everyone so much for your support! We’ll begin processing and shipping prints later this week, although it will take quite a few weeks to get through them all. We’ll be sending a confirmation email as your print is being posted. Thanks again!



Can’t wait for the print




Adding to the collection!!! Yes yes yes can’t wait


How many prints did it end up with?


@jeremyispainting can’t wait to get it in the mail


@jeremyispainting What was the edition size please? And do you still make cameos at VCA grad shows?


@ishootppl :)


@sirchou I think 1010.


@cdotc888 1010 edition. I’ve never made cameos at VCA grad shows! Must be my evil twin


"Sold out prints are not reprinted" [insert darth vader noooooooooooo..]


@jeremyispainting yeah that's gonna take some time to send 😂, good luck


@sheholdsasmile :(


@jeremyispainting Never too late. There is one coming up soon. I think the students there need a bit of inspiring.


So excited!!!


Patiently waiting 🙏🏾


1010 is a cool number (almost even cooler than an even 1K, I’d say) @jeremyispainting Actually wouldn’t have expected for it to go as high, as the sheer size of that print means wall or tube, so you couldn’t just easily „enjoy“ it in you flat file. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to getting mine. Bought in the first half minute, so 🤞🏼 for two digits 😉


@kunstlaut cheers!


This is the first print I've ever gotten, I'm glad it's one of yours.


@rianegrainger thankyou so much!


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