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Media by Jeremy Geddes · BaWLm61Fo_f · Likes: 6157 · Posted: 2017-10-17T12:57
17.10.17 - 12:57
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Jeremy Geddes

Imperator print release info! The print will be available for 24 hours from Sunday 22nd of October 6pm in New York, Sunday 3pm in San Francisco, Sunday 11pm in London and Monday 23rd of October at 9am in Melbourne. Please check your time zone! The print image is 106cm wide x 51cm high (paper size 115cm x 61cm). It is US$196 (approx. based on today's exchange rate) or AU$250. This price includes packing and postage. More info is available on the news section of my website, and I’ll do another post on the day it’s available for purchase. Thanks!



@luther.redd fug may not be able to miss this one


@tylerdobbs_ yeah right!!






@davidcapriotti this is like the 2 we have in our living room...we will be getting this one as well.


I am so excited!!!!




I’ll try. :) Insanely rad work @jeremyispainting πŸ™Œ


you are the best 😍😍😍


How many do you have for sale?


@lighterletter King George (I miss attributed originally, hence King Edward) is a more melancholic figure than any of those for a variety of reasons.


@joeyamp haha!


@krashuan no idea at this point! The amount of people who buy it in the 24hrs will determine the edition number.


@obey cool cheers!


@uniquelab thanks!


@djannabond anyone who buys the print in the 24 hr window will get a print, but after that they won’t be available.


Can’t wait incredible work


Your artwork is absolutely beautiful


@jeremyispainting I see, either way it's a gorgeous work of art. I'll be sure to get a print!


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