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Media by briankesinger · BaMOJXFh4-g · Likes: 5320 · Posted: 2017-10-13T16:06
13.10.17 - 16:06
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day 13 “teeming” grab your partner, it’s standing room only at the nanobot ball!






I want to hear what song they’re dancing to!


Very impressed - I STILL can't figure out what to do for "teeming"!


Lol. Clever. 😎


@sharktooth72 puttin’ on the bits


Such fun illustrations!! Love it 😍


Jeez!! Is there any limit to your imagination?! Awesome concept and illustration. So crazy creative.


@pamlwell this guy is crushing the inktober game; just like you!!




I love this!


They're so cute!


@roland_griffith I've found so many new people to follow just because of inktober!


Hahaha I like the dirty dancing nanobots. Good one Brian.


Fantastic! 😄💕


So cute!😍


At first I thought it was a flea circus. 🤣🤣🤣


I think this one is my favorite so far!


So darling!


Lol. LIke it.


This is so cute :3


Love it❤


great concept this year Brian


Nice! 💜💜💜


I like this concept a lot 😍 fits the theme perfectly 👌🏼




@jerichojigsaw 😍😍😍


This is so wonderful and original 💛 You have a magnificent imagination


They are so cute 💞 ! it's such a good idea !




Teeming with teaming nanobots! Such adorable wordplay.
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