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Media by Jake Parker · BaJ23zjHtDv · Likes: 16490 · Posted: 2017-10-12T18:05
12.10.17 - 18:05
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Jake Parker

Inktober Day 12: SHATTERED - Min, elf queen of a fallen kingdom, carries the shattered family sword that embodies power of her royal heritage. Welded back together with elven magic, it is now connected directly to her soul. If the Sword breaks again she dies.




























- Pens and paper I'm using + more of my tools: @jakeparkertools






Nice one


Breathtaking story!


@lynsiep_art just making it up as I go.


@jesse.lee_art she also dies if she's separated from it.


@juniperstardust thanks!


@jakeparker well aint that a lol😅


Amazing I love ❤️ the backstorys




Poor Girl. I like her story




@jakeparker you got that all tied up nicely don't you.


Love your stories 💕


well damn lol put it in a scabbard or something lmao i love this


I hope true love's kiss will revive her!!


How are you adding characters over the top of others?


Your illustration are amazing!


Omg! I got goosebumps just hearing that! ♥️


@bigmikelewis1 yea same question. @jakeparker


Is she from the fabled 6th kingdom I have only heard about in whispers?


These characters and their stories are all so incredible! Eat your heart out, Overwatch.


Loving these! Keep up the awesome work. Truly inspiring!


When Jake Parker throws something intense into the mix!


Absolutely beautiful






Looks fabulous ♥♥♥👏


lol that's a sad story 😢


Supperr! I like the way you add story to character's background, I do the same to my inktober,but dont have enough to write more. :D


great story! How did you come up with the idea?


Yeah, how are you adding characters in front of others? @bigmikelewis1 @deyndaks It's a bit perplexing.
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