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Media by Said Dokins · BaHQRLIBMYj · Likes: 369 · Posted: 2017-10-11T17:49
11.10.17 - 17:49
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Said Dokins

The Time of Adonis Mural for @casaarmida Photo: @leodluna Hugging the ear of corn of Time, my head a tower of fire: What blood is this that flows across the sand, what eclipse is this? Tell us, O, flame of the present, what shall we say? The tatters of history fill my larynx and on my countenance the signs of the victim. How bitter language has now become, and how narrow the door of the alphabet. [...] Shapes of women and men...walking images/ We gestured and exchanged whispers, our footsteps a string of murder/ Does your murder beget your God or your God beget your murder? [...] Hugging the ear of corn of Time, my head a tower of fire. My soul has forgotten the things of its passion, forgotten its legacy, preserved in the house of images. It no longer remembers what the rain pronounces, what the ink of trees inscribes; no longer paints anything but a sea gull flung by the waves onto the ropes of a ship.... Adonis













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