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Media by ZOER · BZvdn_mlvqs · Likes: 1576 · Posted: 2017-10-02T12:04

▼ Ragusa, Italy

02.10.17 - 12:04
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"Veicolo leggero", Ragusa/ Sicily 2017






. Last week i have been invited to paint this old gas station in Ragusa by


. This picture describes basically a plastic car for kids. This car has no engine as this architecture has also no longer activity. It looks like a car for adults, but you can drive it only by pushing the pedals and operating the oversized steering wheel. I painted this pucture in two times, the left part describing this volume, with a special care on lighting and colors to give it the aspect of something realistic, and the flat part on the right, evoking in an abstract way the 50´s street prints and advertisings.it could be the print on the box of this toy also. I have been really impressed and delighted to be welcomed so warmly, by people deeply dedicated to art. Setting and developping public art in this Unesco classified city requires a strong belief and a real connexion with patrimony , architecture and population. That is how Vincenzo, Antonio, Fabrizio and all their incredible ( never seen before ) staff, Giulia, Elena, Francesca..., are making it possible. Thank you so much for this and see you soon!






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Excellent 😍


@pout_spencer merci Pout


@kidswiz merci coco biz


@camilledufosse :))




Awesome bro!!!




Bellissimo ⚡️


Amazing! From far and from close....


@your_zim 🙂


@_semorthemadone_ thankssss


@dmitryeloom 😉


@marcogalafo grazie!


@sebasvelasco1 gracias hombre


Eso es más real que las casas




@sav45 🙏🏻


woooooooo! buenisimo!!!


Top work!


@sashabogojev thanks sasha!


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