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Media by R E T N A · BZHVfIrhZfI · Likes: 864 · Posted: 2017-09-16T22:03
16.09.17 - 22:03
❤ 864


Un gran placer en conocer



y ver la Collecion @gracoramirez con @sancheznavarroarte






@retna 💥💥✨✨




Wow you motivate me so much grew up looking up to your artwork


What a two real OG's. World is going in to a sewer I suppose. Renta, it's a street art you are doing? Commissions/commercial or art at all anymore you real Beverly Hills Original Gangsta? 😂 this liberal art going in to a deep ditch now days... In my part of world it's called fake art - fake news those days. But I - we're more conservative part of 'your art' let's say


Making history Retna, politics artists in the good concept, great job! Spiritually divine.


I hope to have a meeting whit @segoobval !😀🎨


Respeto mucho lo qué haces. Tu intervención en Tlatelolco es magnífica. Tú RP debería de ser más [email protected] para exhibirte con la mafia mexicana del poder.




Carpets match the drapes!


OMG @xele3 :O


He came!!! @mikiart13


he was at the jardines de mexico @xele3
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