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Media by James Jean · BZEN2ivl1s4 · Likes: 16318 · Posted: 2017-09-15T16:59

β–Ό Radio City Music Hall

15.09.17 - 16:59
❀ 16318

James Jean

Congrats @darrenaronofsky on your precious and brutal achievement πŸ”₯❣️πŸ”₯






Wow. Congrats to you.


I'm seeing this tonight. Love your artwork for it!!! That's what drew me in...


Such an incredible film, and the posters/illustrations captured the tone so beautifully.




😍 love your work.


I love your poster. Hated the movie but love your art. I am going to see the shape of water though. That one looks good.❀️ your art.


@amazing_syd agreed!




And cheers to you too! Can't believe your illustration would be in the movie.


@what_the_fink don't forget J.lo also has a relationship with younger man.




@a_damnchick so pretty..beautyfull




Just some extremely poor advertising tactics in Melbourne AustraliaπŸ™„


Proud of you!






Congrats to you too!!! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’


Incredible artwork 😍😍😍


Amazing! I did not even know ? So interesting πŸ˜€


She's so beautiful 😍 that dress...


I'm looking forward to this movie. O.o. incredible art β™₯β™₯β™₯


Im still shocked how BAD this movie is!!


Beautiful 😘


El artista β™₯️ de tu pelΓ­cula. @artbrham


Love your works James Jean!!!! >< and the movie and the casts! And the director!!


@doriannedu vamos !!


So beautiful sigh


That movie was absolutely nutty. Your artwork was what inspired me to go see it. So glad I did. Cheers!
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