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Media by Jeremy Fish · BZCERqVgM1z · Likes: 1553 · Posted: 2017-09-14T20:56

▼ The Coit Tower

14.09.17 - 20:56
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Jeremy Fish

"The Coit Artists" was drawn with ink on paper, in the caretaker's kitchen, on a foggy day in mid September, and was inspired by a selection of the artists who covered Coit Tower in these timeless fresco murals. The majority of these artists either attended or taught at my alma mater. The oldest art school on the west coast, The California School of Fine Arts, which later became SFAI. Very proud to be chilling with their ghosts. Thanks to Coit Tower historian Rory O'Connor for the knowledge.




You provide an important service Mr Fish.


Really nice job man






This is absolutely fantastic! So glad a SF artist is paying homage to the artist who helped create such truly SF location! ❤


@rae_z_dazzle @chynatako


Love this style 👌


@keystonedkid85 @rae_z_dazzle


@mrjeremyfish did they tell you Coit Tower is a fire nozzle and about Lilly Coit's involvement with the fire service?
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