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Media by Swoon Studio · BXtarysDeXh · Likes: 2663 · Posted: 2017-08-12T23:57
12.08.17 - 23:57
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Swoon Studio

Anyone in this feed who voted for Trump, please listen to me for a second -- you need to be actively and clearly denouncing this rising tide of white-supremacist hate. Don't kid yourself for one second, you helped to enable what is happening in Charlottesville today, and if you don't start speaking up now, and continue speaking up loudly and clearly, you will be responsible for allowing this to grow. You cannot sit back and be passive while this happens. Your participation in dismantling this is now a requirement. True this message doesn't only apply to Trump voters, we all need to fight this sickness together -- but I know I have some Trump supporters in my feed to whom I've been meaning to say this for a while, and today is clearly, clearly that day.



Be peace




Trump opened the door for them to do this without impunity.






@dodreamer Yes!!! Thanks for tagging me on this.




Right 🔛💪🏼💪🏽





We are dealing with exactly the same issue in Australia but the targets are refugees and the LBGTQI communities. ❤️🌈❤️






Amen and thank you


Love you


Well said.


Preach yes




Well said blessings


Any mention of Trump is a free advertisement for him. This post inserts him into every single viewers consciousness.


Why not simply broadcast the solution, without empowering the problem?


@treebeard13 seriously? Have you been watching the news? Do you live in this country? You can't be this ignorant.


One hundred percent agree!


@peted_212 that wld never happen, this is a capitalist society and a free country, the media WILL cover events like this - and even if the pro media didn't, with the internet and social media, the neo kkk protesters cld livestream the rally with their phones onto IG - and record stuff and post it on fb, twitter, etc. It's the info age, there is no such thing as a media blackout. And if Trump and our current times with cops killing unarmed black men with impunity have taught us anything it's that KKK and white supremacists aren't just a few ignorant wc whites - they're wealthy, well connected, they've infiltrated police depts, the FBI - they're Members of Congress, governors?


@peted_212 Trump filled his cabinet with white supremacists who all have backgrounds in big business and politics, they will make sure they're msg is heard and if we stay silent they will be the only ones talking




Extinction is our evolution!


So right ✊


this is way bigger than trump tho too


From Holland we pray for you guys that the Trump government and their Joker king will soon come to an end 💪
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