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Media by grisgrimly · BXsj1CXAaan · Likes: 238 · Posted: 2017-08-12T15:57
12.08.17 - 15:57
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"your not supposed to eat in bed, because to eat in bed is to feed the devil" Love following @isu_special_collections



Crumbs in the bed are indeed the Devil's legacy!


How about that?! 😈


I know a few devils I wouldn't mind feeding....


good to know


You're* it's driving me nuts xd


There are worse ways to feed the devil, eating in bed is probably the least of which. Haha.


If the devil insists on sleeping in my bed, he's gonna just have to deal with the occasional cracker crumb. And the cats.


Aawwww, my old Alma Mater!!


The devils gotta eat.


You're also supposed to use the proper "you're". You're = you are; your = belongs to you


Oh wow. Went through the page. Great finds they have


The fact that I was eating digestive biscuits in bed AS I was reading this confirms just how screwed I am XD
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