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Media by Swoon Studio · BXVopuzD95h · Likes: 1670 · Posted: 2017-08-03T18:17
03.08.17 - 18:17
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Swoon Studio

New pieces are going up on the Archivist's Circle each week as we continue to unearth forgotten treasures. The 5th floor of the @cincycac will be home to materials about collaborative projects such as Konbit Shelter and other @theheliotropefoundation work. From the Archivist's Circle site: "In 2010 with a small group of collaborators Swoon formed a project that is now known as Konbit Shelter — a creative community’s response to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January of that year. Since that time, the group has built a series of homes and a community center, as well as an after school program and other small community strengthening initiatives in the village of Cormiers. “Edline” depicts a young woman from the after school program. She is holding a shadow puppet that was used to perform a play for her friends and family in the village. ---- Silkscreen, acrylic gouache and collage on paper and wood Size: 27″ x 24.5″ Signed" Link in bio



Love the blueprint. Well done!!!






I love this


loling gorgeous!


Always top shelf!!


Love it 🎥🇮🇹


Love seeing these old pieces and the progression of your artwork!


You are always top shelf!!
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