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Media by aaronhorkey · BX84tkjFwn2 · Likes: 7407 · Posted: 2017-08-19T00:08
19.08.17 - 00:08
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Acrocanthosaurus Habitat, ink in Moleskine, 2017. 🖤⚔️🖤










Good lord! Incredible! Never disappoint


Tongue hanging out, saliva is leaking




Remember that drawing in the old jw books, where this like , devilish reptile appeared outta nowhere and pushed this lion on a platform? @sweeneysbike


Beautiful textures, so good..






Your work looks like it must take years to complete.


you have an incridible visual style, sir!


Awesome work. Tell me, vaccum ??? Cleaner?




Brb, gotta go pick my jaw up off the floor!!


You're converging on this rarely achieved equilibrium point where the amount of time required to properly look at your drawing is equivalent to the time you spend drawing. Such a refined pleasure.


Your gallery is beyond incredible 👌


Sooooo great!


Amazing @crok7


@dadrummond so relevant, nice observation! U turned so many thoughts in one sentence, nicely said.


Whoah momma 👌🏼⚡️⚡️⚡️


That's insane!!!




Great rendering


Wow that time comment. I was just gonna say it's bad as f@$k and would be funny if it was coming out a mailbox


It looks like a dinosaur president on some dino bill.








Always great!!!


Amazing detail.


Hands down...🙏🙏😮😮


So sick
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