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Media by Swoon Studio · BX5ymQ9jdMK · Likes: 1864 · Posted: 2017-08-17T19:17
17.08.17 - 19:17
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Swoon Studio

In 2005 I got invited to do my first major installation. I had some ideas in my head about creating an immersive space that functioned as a single artwork, as cohesive as a single drawing, but expanded outward for the viewer to experience by exploring - but I hadn't fully gotten to try these ideas out yet, because their execution was still beyond my reach. Then Jeffrey Deitch asked if there was anything I was hoping to created but hadn't yet tried, and that turned out to be a very transformative question. I set to work building out my first major installation that summer. The front entrance was designed to echo the experience of two train cars passing each other in the tunnels. I just took those original Subway Window prints and translated them into a unique variant series of small works on architectural salvage, and they'll be going up one at a time on the Archivist's Circle website starting today. The link is in my bio.







That was an amazing show!




Epic show. I remember it well.


I remember that summer.


that installation is still so vivid for me. it was very moving.


I remember. A breathtaking show.




That's show with the cut out subway windows in walls when you walk by and the crazy bridge and sculpture
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