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Media by Swoon Studio · BX3UugCDpQ0 · Likes: 1335 · Posted: 2017-08-16T20:17
16.08.17 - 20:17
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I want to take a moment to acknowledge, with love, everyone who is doing the hard work of countering racist extremism in their culture and in their homes. Here in the U.S. we are seeing that racist extremists have been emboldened by our current administration to step out into the open and attempt to increase their power and influence over our lives. In the midst of this many people are confusing human rights movements like Black Lives Matter with hate organizations, and falsely equating the efforts of the Anti Fascist movement with the violence of the Nazis themselves. Fighting to protect human rights is not the same as fighting to take rights away from others, and understanding this distinction is fundamental to our ability to resist and protect one another. Hats off to everyone who is having difficult conversations with their families and neighbors this week, who is organizing in their communities and protesting in the streets. The link in my bio today is to the Southern Poverty Law Center's handbook "Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide"







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Thank you!














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