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Media by Dasic Fernández · BVxwIyJlzvF · Likes: 2511 · Posted: 2017-06-25T23:18

▼ Port-au-Prince, Haiti

25.06.17 - 23:18
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Dasic Fernández

Detail of the wall I painted in Haiti this week, surrounded by hundreds of curious smiles asking about everything, paying so much attention to the work and so hungry for knowledge. Children in Haiti are everything like all the children around the world, all my work is dedicated to them and just them so you can understand how excited I was when I got invited to Haiti with @b0rdalo_ii and @felipepantone to paint at the


and somehow collaborate with the incredible work that @artistsforpeace is doing in here. Thanks so much to @artistsforpeace @petertunneyart @goldmanglobalarts @sarah_sperling @shantelle_rodriguez and all the people that made this mission possible. We are leaving in the morning and our hearts are full.





Buen capítulo te mandaste en tvn, viejo, éxito!


maravilloso 😍


Grandioso, sorprendente


I believe everyone should visit Haiti at least once in their life... gives you appreciation for everything around you.


Qué hermosa oportunidad!!!💛💜💚






Muy buen reportaje en #10ChilenosTvn


@dasicfernandez 🙏🏼💪🏽🎨




Te vi en el programa, y me sentí orgullosa de que un Chileno joven como tú, deje una marca tan linda por el mundo, mensajes con hermosos colores. Sin duda te pasaste!saludos y que tengas mucho éxito!


Seco !!!!




This is absolutely beautiful. Please continue to do such amazing work!






Thank you for coming too @dasicfernandez 💥


Filete! Bonito el arte que haces


Lo qué haces tú es único 👏🏼👏🏼


espectacular compare👌🏾👌🏾


Vivo cerca del mural q hiciste en santo domingo con teatinos en stgo centro... ahora q vi tu historia en tvn mas me gusta... hermosa tu obra...me encanta el mensaje q hay detrás de cada una de ellas...sigue llenado de arte este planeta...












Do you do graffiti for hire , I need my logo painted on my wall graffiti style..


Increíble 👌🏻 @dasicfernandez




Guauuuu. Cuando vienes por Valpo para colorear nuestras escaleras?
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