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Media by James Jean · BVkNuFFlC6j · Likes: 12150 · Posted: 2017-06-20T17:08
20.06.17 - 17:08
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James Jean

✨🌸✨ The Figaro pin is also available now. Limited to 500 pieces, the pin is produced in 18 colors in hard enamel and brass, and mounted to a deeply embossed backing card with a deluxe brass clutch. πŸ”—in Bio



Perfect example of why Instagram need to revert back to "most recent" posts first


Kawaii 😊






ITS SOLD OUT plz make more!!!


Omg, I missed it already! WTF!


It's sold out 😞




Sold out before I could get one 😭😭


@misslecarr SOLD OUTTT 😭😭😭 tell me you got it!!!!


@jamesjeanart ok I'll keep reloading giant robot store then?




Damnit missed


@jdecormier contact them directly to reserve or wait a cpl of weeks


Please restock this pin πŸ™πŸ½


u now what is no cool about this pin, it is already SOLD OUT!


Please make a blue colourway πŸ™πŸΌ




Sold out. #restock


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