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Media by Jorit · BS-5wY-FblC · Likes: 2163 · Posted: 2017-04-17T12:18

▼ Miami, USA

17.04.17 - 12:18
❤ 2163


AVE EVA Dipinto a mano su muro con spray Hand painted on wall with spray cans nw Miami ct tra nw 23rd st e perimeter rd Wynwood,Miami








Thank you @itsyomiami @karindumaire



Numero 1! Sei un big!


Fantastico 😻


So beautiful @evamendes






This fantastic


@joritagoch Sure! Great work!


Still holding up nice! Thanks for the shout :)


Number one 👌🏻


Hai spaccato come sempre! E che soggetto!💙




#amazing_paint ❤😲
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