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Media by _revok_ · BEP9HvJl9zo · Likes: 3838 · Posted: 2016-04-16T07:24
16.04.16 - 07:24
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Ayer & Use decorating 5/110 freeway overpass I-Beam, 4 stories up balancing on a 8 inch ledge with nothing to hold onto. Interrupted by a CHP Spotlight, Los Angeles 1997.






#RoyalityInParadise #RestInPhame #restinginpeace






Lame ass foo @giantsvictor78


@giantsvictor78 Slap yourself in the face with a big piece of Sausage then choke on it and Die πŸ”«


I know that feeling.


Old pics like there are so dope




@giantsvictor78 are you being for real??? This is the purest of all arts... For free... Not bought...being hired or payed to do art is no where close to as satisfying knowing someone did what that did for the love not money... And public property is not someone else's property.. It's all of ours .πŸ‘ŠπŸ»


And just because you don't understand it does not mean it doesn't make sense.. @giantsvictor78


Epic βœŠπŸ™


@giantsvictor78 this form of art is in my opinion the most RAW no money no bulllol just people doing what they are passionate about stop hating


@giantsvictor78 actually it is an art.. And that's not an opinion. It's a fact . So looks like you are the one who has to deal with it. Just like we have to deal with your lolty comment butting in were it doesn't belong


That's nuts chee




That's real writing.






Lol busted 😱






Did they finish


On that mission!


HOOD lol!




@higherlearningatl love it


Wish this movie came out so la can know more about his legacy how he changed LA Styles and was piecing in the hottest and highest spots rip.king Ayer




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