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Media by Steve Cross · Bgm0W0GlYrx · Likes: 123 · Posted: 2018-03-22T02:09
22.03.18 - 02:09
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Steve Cross

New project on the go for J.W.Marriot, Hanoi. Kind of big, kind of special, and kind of awesome. Thanks to the management and staff for making me feel welcome on arrival and to the tireless-team at @makemygrey. @jwmarriotthanoi









That hotel rocks 🤘


Can’t wait to see this unfold


prend du bon temps mon pote !!!


I was wondering if u were there yet




Whoop whoop. Can't wait to see this monster unfold! #greymatters


Oh hell yes!!!!


Well done


@mrstevecross Nice picture!
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