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Media by Aaron De La Cruz · Bgk5f8ygS4a · Likes: 559 · Posted: 2018-03-21T08:15
21.03.18 - 08:15
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Aaron De La Cruz

Just when you want to give up on social media things like this happen. As much as I try to stay clear of any label associated with my name aside from “artist”. There are these moments that bring you back to when you were a kid first trying to identify who you are in this world. I received a message today thanking me for putting it down for “la Raza” which I have never really been told before via IG. Being an artist and not getting pigeon holed or “labeled” is tricky. but for those of you out there wanting to be an artist and trying to find your “style” it’s just as important to know your identity and who you are communicating with. I can go on for days about this but will do you a favor and stop now. It was just nice to have a conversation with someone who I felt was a younger me for a bit.




🙌🏽 People are listening. Young people. It’s a good time to listen to them, but also to share. They want to hear/read your thoughts and experiences. That’s one way we all grow.




*Cues MC FROST' "This is for the Raza!"








Been ready to hang up IG, but when the young bucks show you’ve inspired them it’s reinvigorating.



Its ok to talk when you have some knowledge to kick down. I talk too much too. 😂


You are creative and inspiring... Thank you for making a global impact and encouraging us to do so too...




hell ya


Hey, man. Every one of your post has enough density to change someone for the better. I love seeing your creative process. But your every day life posts about your family and/or your day really shows that you’re not just a great artist. You’re an awesome person! Keep spreading good vibes. Hope you and your family have a great evening ❤️ much love and respect for you 🤘🏽


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