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Media by Jake Parker · BghJdmtnGeb · Likes: 27529 · Posted: 2018-03-19T21:18
19.03.18 - 21:18
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Jake Parker

HOT-DOG-BOT 🌭🤖 ▫️ Original for sale! (link in my profile)






So crazy !!!!!




Got down


Getting hungry 🤓 great colors!


... You're just ... 🙌 I like so much how you draw the mechanical and electric circuit!


Thats so awesome


Amazing. Love your art. I would wear it in my arm.


I love this concept




Yasss 🤭


What are those pens?


Could they be covert spy gear? On secret missions from the government. Poor hot dog was too busy getting intel to know that the hungry kid wondered away from his parents and took a bite!




LOL dope




Haha amazing!


@r.e.joice !!!




Clever 🤯


Hahahahaha! Awesome!
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