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Media by Allisha Padilla · BgRxQC4lPeZ · Likes: 11 · Posted: 2018-03-13T21:58
13.03.18 - 21:58
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Allisha Padilla

Talk about transformation! Are they aging backwards? That sounds good to me. I love what these sweet ladies had to share: "People ask me how long I plan to take Plexus? Umm how long do you plan to brush your teeth??😂 Just like I exercise, and nourish my body daily to keep it healthy, I need to focus on my gut health daily as well! Plus, if it helps me be looking as fabulous as my sweet friends here - I’ll take it!


Just look at what my friend, Wendy Carr Larson (the gorgeous lady on the left), just shared: "Sooooo, I think what I do for my health has definitely shown positively for my friends and I. I mean 4 years ago!!! We’ve changed a lot. But for the better!! We are more fit! 💪💪 More present🖐 More wise🤓 More educated in the importance of Gut health and how it improves how we age😍 And we have sooooo much fun together!!! Traveling all over the place!!!! Isn’t this just crazy what 4 years on the best supplements looks like?! " Be well, friends 🌿














@alicialovesjohnny isn’t that crazy?!!
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