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Media by Mark Bhogun-Scott · BgRiSGhlVAs · Likes: 29 · Posted: 2018-03-13T19:47
13.03.18 - 19:47
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Mark Bhogun-Scott

The book half done and back lit each A4 page folded and 4 inserted inside each other, then each section had the page numbers written on it so the correct page was written in sequence. Each section is then sewn together pressed and bound. March 4 years ago and the start of an adventure for 2 self taught artists/calligraphers with an ambition to set Britain alight with a celebration of Magna Carta. @warren.cruickshank & myself, a pair of ordinary chefs, decided that we would produce hand written & illuminated Magna Carta for the 800th Anniversary. From our humble hands we produced a book, five paper and ten parchment Magna Carta, a hand written calendar featuring a full English translation of Magna Carta. We have Magna Carta in Rocking Horses, we have one at home in a museum that had been transported down the River Thames, a copy in one of the UK's top universities, & most importantly the one produced for the Knights Templar, signed during the 800th Anniversary televised celebrations.




























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