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Media by Seeding Sovereignty · BgRWIvEjtC2 · Likes: 65 · Posted: 2018-03-13T18:01

▼ John F. Kennedy High School

13.03.18 - 18:01
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Seeding Sovereignty

Keely Elizabeth Driscoll, delivered Christine Nobiss's Iowa Women's March speech at the Southeast Iowa Speech Contest and made it to state finals--except she made it for her acting piece and not her speech, however, she hopes to deliver it at her high school assembly. She wrote, "We have a school assembly for speech and I hope to share your speech with the school because I believe it is a message that the [my] student body needs to hear. We have many Native American students attending [my school] and I believe your words will be the first step in enabling these young native to speak up and work to make positive change in their communities." And guess what? She made it to state finals! Congratulations, Keely! We are supporting you all the way! A live feed of Keely can be viewed at: We will be posting a written copy of Christine’s speech on the Seeding Sovereignty website at:


























Thank you, Keely! Her speech can be viewed at:
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