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Media by Suzanne🔹Sunny🔹Stroeer · BgRUE0kAbZp · Likes: 356 · Posted: 2018-03-13T17:43

▼ Zion National Park

13.03.18 - 17:43
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Spot the climber! 🙈 Hard to believe it's been two years since I quit my job to be on the road. This was one of my first dream projects: rope soloing a wall, as my second-ever big wall climb. 🏜 I chose Spaceshot in Zion, both for its easy mandatory free climbing and for the steep aid pitches; I figured... fewer consequences should I fall. ⛰ Turns out that was a good decision, because I DID fall. A forty foot whipper on pitch 5 - the crux pitch - when several of my pieces ripped and I got to really test out my self belay system 😅 man was I happy to have a steel biner on my Grigri in that moment! Thanks @ammonmcneely for the tip. 🙏 Photo: Travis Spaulding, who managed to get some snaps of me on the upper pitches from across the canyon.


























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Is this you ? Incredible !


@robinlaengle yes that's me! Thank you!!


Are you guys doing Spaceshot soon?


Oh wow. So impressive!


@johnevansphoto I soloed it two years ago - no concrete plans of doing it with Paul though the views from Earth Orbit ledge sure are killer 😊


@p.spectives thank you Pauline 😚


@sstroeer 💪💪


Legit thought this was tree bark upon first glance 😂 Sweet shot!


@jsayers528 thanks Julie! Photo credit goes to Travis Spaulding tho I don't know his @instagram handle!!




Everyone whips on the 5th pitch. Buddy took an 80 footer solo on the 5th.


@ad_van_ture_bum how did he manage an 80 footer? He must have been right below the belay and ripped stuff right to the intermediate anchors?? Sounds to me like he was climbing without offsets, it's only C2 after all!


Im guessing no back up knots. He was useing a rope soloist and the rope in a backpack.


@ad_van_ture_bum mmmh. I did have backups but I'm definitely happy my Grigri engaged 🤓


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