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Media by Jake Parker · BgRIQX5nNiC · Likes: 13237 · Posted: 2018-03-13T16:00
13.03.18 - 16:00
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Jake Parker

Wake and Pip! Birthday commission I did for artist @oldmangrey. I was asked by his wife to draw Wake with their dog @omg_pipthedog. I thought it would be cool to do Pip as a sword wielding adventurer. Happy birthday Graeme! Check out his work if you don't know this artist yet!












Sir ur really mastar of illustrator.


What water colors have to use?


Very nice! I like the watercolors.


This is awesome! As usual!!πŸ‘πŸ™Œ


@jaybmiller1 not right now.


Lovely work @jakeparker


Everyone wants to be a superhero. By that I mean, in a comic book. To have an alter ego. Or at least their personality in another universe. And who doesn’t picture their pet as a side kick! Great job!




I am thoroughly enjoying your foray into watercolor of late!




Nice 😍😍😍


Hey dude just wanted to ask. I saw the watercolor brush pen. Where’s it from? I recently got the cotman/Windsor and newton set and the brush been it just crazy to control.






@zergmid I have a link over at @jakeparkertools








Graeme’s mum here! This is unbelievable !!!


How much for a birthday drawing


@kobe_lolson_graphics lol it's on the 29th


Beautiful illustration! Love it 😍


This is awesome. I love what you did with their dog Pip!




Very amazing! ❀️


I love the colors in this, they work so well together


Haha Who's the dog?


I just love how unique your art style is! I feel like I can pick it out anywhere now :) another great piece!




Nice one
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