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Media by Jake Parker · BgRIQX5nNiC · Likes: 13142 · Posted: 2018-03-13T16:00
13.03.18 - 16:00
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Jake Parker

Wake and Pip! Birthday commission I did for artist @oldmangrey. I was asked by his wife to draw Wake with their dog @omg_pipthedog. I thought it would be cool to do Pip as a sword wielding adventurer. Happy birthday Graeme! Check out his work if you don't know this artist yet!












What water colors have to use?


Very nice! I like the watercolors.


This is awesome! As usual!!👏🙌


@jaybmiller1 not right now.


Lovely work @jakeparker


Everyone wants to be a superhero. By that I mean, in a comic book. To have an alter ego. Or at least their personality in another universe. And who doesn’t picture their pet as a side kick! Great job!




I am thoroughly enjoying your foray into watercolor of late!




Nice 😍😍😍


Hey dude just wanted to ask. I saw the watercolor brush pen. Where’s it from? I recently got the cotman/Windsor and newton set and the brush been it just crazy to control.






@zergmid I have a link over at @jakeparkertools








Graeme’s mum here! This is unbelievable !!!


How much for a birthday drawing


@kobe_lolson_graphics lol it's on the 29th


Beautiful illustration! Love it 😍


This is awesome. I love what you did with their dog Pip!




Very amazing! ❤️


I love the colors in this, they work so well together


Haha Who's the dog?


I just love how unique your art style is! I feel like I can pick it out anywhere now :) another great piece!




Nice one


Hahahaha! So good! I love it! ⚡
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