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Media by Travis Louie · BgQ__PtAkG9 · Likes: 3227 · Posted: 2018-03-13T14:47

▼ Kingston, New York

13.03.18 - 14:47
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Travis Louie

On this Tuesday, I think of “Squeaky” also known as the “Kingston Shrieker” in Ulster County, New York. In the late 19th century, town locals would post signs all over town on how to interact with him,as certain words and body motions would trigger his high pitched screams that shattered glass windows & street lamps. Nobody knew where he lived and attempts to follow him were unsuccessful. He last sighted in town sometime during the Winter of 1910. Years later, local veterans of WWI claimed to have heard his familiar shrieks from the trenches in Belgium.



Kingston huh. Just an hour from me. Killer 🖤


The symmetry here is astounding! Loving how you built him, just fantastic Travis!


Your Dapper monsters are so sweet! I love them all !! I love your work so much 💗🎨


Hey! It’s Uncle Mike! Looks just like him.


He needs his own movie. This is fantastic!




Great humor 💥


🙌that story should be made into a #pixar short🙌


@travislouie is he still around today?


I love your storytelling 🎶👻🎶


Outstanding 👏👍❤️


This! Its all kinds of great. The write up threw me into a laughing fit! Thanks for that.


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I need him 😍 any prints?


@frickin_gagebob U should follow this artist
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