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Media by Monster Ego · BgMEGFXFYil · Likes: 44 · Posted: 2018-03-11T16:47
11.03.18 - 16:47
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Monster Ego

I think I may have a slight thing for @craola s awesome work! I definitely don’t have a secret Shrine to him also......honest!






















This is awesome. He recently replied to an email I sent him and literally cried. He was the inspiration and drive for following the dream.


@grumreapur well my little skeleton fiend I have my forearm tattooed with the artwork of 'drawn from the well'. But am totally jealous of this Craola and Alex Pardee love. So very very jealous ;P


@grumreapur damn man I’d have cried too. He’s by far my favourite artist. I have a few more prints by him around the place. Though Matt Bellamy has my all time favourite piece of Simkins out there. Not that I could ever afford the original but still. Still, I can dream


@mrshoeshineman damn man I bet that forearm piece looks badass! I was considering my other sleeve being a lot of Simkins but haven’t decided yet.
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