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Media by CHEO · BfxgAjDAPm0 · Likes: 4613 · Posted: 2018-03-01T09:11
01.03.18 - 09:11
❤ 4613


Sorry about the old drawings, doing stuff I can’t show yet and sorting life... back on track soon with more up to date nonsense...






Never apologise for showing 🔥🔥🔥 like this 😍😍 those skulls man!!


Redraw the octopus please I want it as a tattoo. Fanks babe.... 😍


Any chance of doing a few more maps, never managed to get my hands on one @cheograff


The one on the right would make a sweet ass shin piece 🖤 ....... I have blank shins 😂😂


@benjipeirce there will be some coming soon.


I like this


Look up Greg the grim reaper. Dope art as always bro, skulls remind me of Greg.


Hey! Would you be interested in featuring your artwork on our 1340art instagram? Need more info? Please click the link in our bio.






Wicked mate, just awesome design work! ♠️👊




Ótimas referências 👏👏👊


Top man, would love a map of home with your touch down here


Daaaaang... with the hits! 💥


That’s octopus is dope


Some sleeve ideas bro?


Killed ot


Wooow haben will das linke


Your work is do dope!
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